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    Period Covered Buy CD Period Covered Buy CD Period Covered Period Covered Buy CD Photo [?]
High Roding All Saints 1764-1875     1538-1812 1603-1999 Buy CD Yes
Hockley St Peter & St Paul     1729-1973 1775-2000 Completed Yes
Hornchurch St Andrew     1576-1760 Volunteer required Yes
Horndon on the Hill St Peter & St Paul     1631-1980 1555-1999 Buy CD Yes
Hutton All Saints 1813-1851     1654-1812 Processing Yes
Ilford St Mary, High Road, Ilford 1813-1851     1932-1937 1811-1978 Buy CD Yes
Ilford St Mary the Virgin, Little Ilford 1813-1851     N/A Volunteer required Yes
Ilford Holy Trinity, Barkingside     1840-1939 Volunteer required Yes
Ingatestone and Fryerning St Mary the Virgin ~ Fryerning 1813-1851     1595-1956 1704-1926 Processing Yes
Ingatestone and Fryerning St Edmund & St Mary ~ Ingatestone 1813-1851     1558-1934 Volunteer required Yes
Ingatestone and Fryerning Star Lane RC Cemetery ~ Ingatestone     N/A 1877-1993 Completed Yes
Ingrave Thorndon Park Chapel Graveyard     N/A 1859-1939 Buy CD Yes
Ingrave St Nicholas 1813-1851   1813-1851   1678-1970 1466-2001 Buy CD Yes
Inworth All Saints     1731-1996 1731-1992 Buy CD Yes
Kelvedon United Reformed Church     N/A 1856-2000 Buy CD Yes
Kelvedon Quaker's Meeting House     N/A 1808-1963 Buy CD Yes
Kelvedon Cemetery     N/A 1913-1998 Buy CD Yes
Kelvedon St Mary The Virgin     1559-1915 1430-1999 Buy CD Yes
Kelvedon Kelvedon URC Burial Ground and Masonic Lodge     N/A 1917-2000 Completed Yes
Kelvedon Hatch and Bentley Common Bentley Common ~ St Paul     1559-1915 1896-1995 Buy CD Yes
Kelvedon Hatch and Bentley Common Kelvedon Hatch ~ St Nicholas     1559-1812 1608-2001 Completed Yes
Kirby le Soken St Michael 1813-1851 Buy CD 1813-1851 Buy CD 1681-1968 1729-1995 Completed Yes
Laindon St Nicholas 1813-1851     1808-1812 Volunteer required Yes
Lamarsh Holy Innocents     1556-1993 1914-1914 Volunteer required Yes
Lambourne St Mary and All Saints     1584-1918 1914-1946 Volunteer required Yes
Langdon Hills St Mary the Virgin & All Saints (closed)     1686-1985 1630-2001 Buy CD Yes
Langdon Hills St Mary's and All Saints     N/A 1878-1983 Completed Yes
Langenhoe St Mary     1813-1958 Volunteer required Yes
Langford St Giles     1559-1999 1764- 2004 Buy CD Yes
Langham St Mary     1892-1979 Processing Yes
Langley St.John the Evangelist     1690-1996 Volunteer required Yes
Latchingdon cum Snoreham Christ Church     1753-1754 1760-2009 Completed Yes
Latchingdon cum Snoreham St Michael     1725-1901 1724-2009 Buy CD Yes
Latchingdon cum Snoreham Congregational Church     N/A Volunteer required Yes
Latton St Mary at Latton 1567-1812   1570-1680   1806-1988 1334-2010 Completed Yes
Lawford St Mary 1813-1851 Buy CD 1813-1851 Buy CD 1558-1862 1584-1989 Completed Yes
Layer Breton Quaker Meeting House     N/A 1856-1978 Buy CD Yes
Layer Breton St Mary the Blessed Virgin 1813-1851     1765-1945 1797-1981 Buy CD Yes
Layer Breton Congregational Chapel     N/A 1866-1945 Buy CD Yes
Layer de la Haye St John the Baptist 1813-1851     N/A Volunteer required Yes
Layer Marney St Mary the Virgin 1813-1851     1743-1812 1360-1999 Buy CD Yes
Leaden Roding St Michael & All Angels     1572-1812 1682-1999 Buy CD Yes
Leigh on Sea St Clement     1685-1876 1453-1988 Buy CD Yes
Leyton St Mary with St Edward & St Luke 1813-1851     N/A Volunteer required Yes
Leyton St John the Baptist, Leytonstone     1834-1879 Volunteer required Yes
Lindsell St Mary the Virgin     1569-2003 Volunteer required Yes
Liston The Parish Church     1599-1812 Volunteer required Yes
Little Baddow St Mary the Virgin 1813-1851     1559-1935 1470-1994 Buy CD Yes
Little Baddow URC     N/A 1775-1994 Buy CD Yes
Little Bardfield St Katherine     1537-1958 1916-1919 Volunteer required Yes

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