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Ridgewell St Lawrence     1563-1888 Volunteer required Yes
Rivenhall St Mary & All Saints     1634-1956 1780-1988 Buy CD Yes
Rochford St Andrew     1678-1956 1514-1997 Buy CD Yes
Romford St Edward the Confessor     1855-1862 Volunteer required Yes
Roxwell St Michael & All Angels 1813-1851     1560-1859 1593-1996 Buy CD Yes
Roydon St Peters     1567-1930 Volunteer required Yes
Runwell St Mary 1813-1851     1558-1994 1547-2005 Buy CD Yes
Saffron Walden United Reform Church     N/A 1726-1865 Buy CD Yes
Saffron Walden Baptist, High Street   1913-2007 Buy CD N/A 1777-1941 Buy CD Yes
Saffron Walden Baptist, High Street     N/A 1827-1919 Completed Yes
Saffron Walden Strict Baptist, London Road     N/A 1822-1893 Buy CD Yes
Saffron Walden Quaker Meeting House     N/A 1724-1985 Buy CD Yes
Saffron Walden St Mary the Virgin 1630-1748 Buy CD   1558-1892 1521-1982 Buy CD Yes
Salcott cum Virley St Mary the Virgin, Salcot 1813-1851     1813-1991 Volunteer required Yes
Salcott cum Virley St Mary the Virgin, Virley 1813-1851     1633-1883 Volunteer required Yes
Sandon St Andrew 1813-1851     1554-2011 1520-1997 Buy CD Yes
Shalford St Andrew     1559-1997 1537-2012 Completed Yes
Sheering St.Mary the Virgin 1614-1918   1813-1837   1558-1918 Volunteer required Yes
Shelley St.Peter     1687-1999 1595-2009 Completed Yes
Shellow Bowells St Peter & St Paul     1556-1999 1770-1976 Buy CD Yes
Shenfield St Mary the Virgin and Burial Grounds 1813-1851     1539-1901 Processing Yes
Shoeburyness St Mary the Virgin, North Shoebury     1680-1993 1700-2001 Completed Yes
Shoeburyness St Peter & St Paul , Shoeburyness Garrison Church     None 1865-1946 Completed Yes
Shoeburyness St Andrew the Apostle, South Shoebury     1740-1930 1732-2009 Completed Yes
Shoeburyness St Peter, South Shoebury     N/A Volunteer required Yes
Shopland St Mary Magdalene     1744-1952  1639-1939 Buy CD Yes
Sible Hedingham Baptist     1560-1970 1826-1960 Buy CD Yes
Sible Hedingham St Peter     1680-1970 1686-2008 Buy CD Yes
South Benfleet St Mary the Virgin 1813-1851   1813-1851   1573-1960 Volunteer required Yes
South Fambridge All Saints     1765-1806 1685-1998 Buy CD Yes
South Hanningfield St Peter 1813-1851     1655-1996 1678-1994 Buy CD Yes
South Ockenden St Nicholas 1813-1851     1538-1929 Volunteer required Yes
South Weald St Peter (Transcribed by the Parish not ESFH)     1538-1939 Processing Yes
Southchurch Holy Trinity     1695-1946 1678-2002 Completed Yes
Southend on Sea Unitarian Meeting House     N/A 1899-1998 Completed Yes
Southend on Sea Clifftown United Reformed Church   1949-1978   1900-1903 1893-1957 Completed Yes
Southend on Sea St John the Baptist     1870-1981 1940-1993 Buy CD Yes
Southend on Sea St Mary the Virgin, Prittlewell     1656-1988 Volunteer required Yes
Southend on Sea St Michael & All Angels, Westcliff-on-sea     1923-1947 Volunteer required Yes
Southend on Sea St Erkenwald     N/A 1909-1945 Volunteer required Yes
Southend on Sea North Road Burial Ground, Westcliff-on-Sea     1818-2012 Volunteer required Yes
Southminster St Leonard 1813-1851     1700-1977 Volunteer required Yes
Springfield All Saints & Cemetery 1813-1851     1653-1921 1421-1989 Buy CD Yes
Springfield Holy Trinity     1843-1940 1840-1998 Buy CD Yes
St Lawrence Newland St Lawrence 1813-1851   1813-1851   1704-2000 1722-1999 Buy CD Yes
St Osyth St Peter and St Paul     1813-1917 Volunteer required Yes
Stambourne St Peter & St Thomas     1569-1956 1710-1997 Buy CD Yes
Stambourne Congregational     N/A 1748-2004 Buy CD Yes
Stanford le Hope St Margaret 1813-1851     1680-1982 Volunteer required Yes
Stanford Rivers St Margaret     1538-1993 1492-2008 Completed Yes

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