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    Period Covered Buy CD Period Covered Buy CD Period Covered Period Covered Buy CD Photo [?]
Bradfield St Lawrence 1813-1851   1813-1851   1564-1992 1712-1984 Completed Yes
Bradwell juxta Coggeshall Holy Trinity 1813-1851     1704-1833 1349-1993 Buy CD Yes
Bradwell on Sea St Thomas 1813-1851     1558-1977 Volunteer required Yes
Braintree Cemetery     N/A 1857- 2005 Completed Yes
Braintree St Michael the Archangel     1660-1871 Volunteer required Yes
Braintree Quaker     N/A 1834-1907 Completed Yes
Brentwood St Thomas of Canterbury     1741-1886 Volunteer required Yes
Brightlingsea All Saints 1813-1851 Buy CD 1813-1851 Buy CD 1697-1984 1542-1988 Buy CD Yes
Brightlingsea Church of the New Jerusalem     N/A 1901-1985 Buy CD Yes
Broomfield St Mary the Virgin     1546-1929 1613-1995 Buy CD Yes

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