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    Period Covered Buy CD Period Covered Buy CD Period Covered Period Covered Buy CD Photo [?]
Great Parndon St Mary the Virgin 1800-1862   1548-1836   1547-2015 1598-2012 Completed Yes
Great Saling St James     1715-1975 Volunteer required Yes
Great Sampford St Michael     1560-1879 1914-1914 Volunteer required Yes
Great Stambridge St Mary and All Saints     1559-1903 1670-2006 Completed Yes
Great Tey St Barnabas     1559-1874 1701-1994 Buy CD Yes
Great Totham URC     N/A 1834-1997 Completed Yes
Great Totham St Peter     1559-1869 1606-2014 Completed Yes
Great Wakering Congregational Church URC     N/A 1888-1945 Completed Yes
Great Wakering St Nicholas     1813-1915 1699-2002 Completed Yes
Great Wakering Burial Ground     N/A 1963-2003 Completed Yes
Great Waltham St John the Evangelist, Ford End     1871-1971 1870-1995 Buy CD Yes
Great Waltham St Mary & St Lawrence, Great Waltham     1566-1938 1589-1998 Buy CD Yes
Great Waltham Black Chapel, North End     N/A 1857-1886 Buy CD Yes
Great Warley St Mary the Virgin     1539-1887 1661-1930 Buy CD Yes
Great Wigborough St Stephen 1813-1851     1570-1997 1555-2000 Completed Yes
Great Yeldham St Andrew     1560-1812 1666-1996 Buy CD Yes
Greensted-juxta-Ongar St Andrew     1562-1966 1100-2016 Completed Yes
Hadleigh St James the Less     1588-1987 1519-2013 Completed Yes
Hadstock St Botolph     1559-1935 1815-2010 Completed Yes
Halstead with Greenstead Green St James, Greenstead Green 1813-1851   1846-1851   1846-1978 1836-1995 Completed Yes
Halstead with Greenstead Green Holy Trinity, Halstead 1813-1851   1844-1851   1844-1978 1847-1965 Completed Yes
Halstead with Greenstead Green United Reform, Halstead     N/A 1696-1993 Completed Yes
Halstead with Greenstead Green St Andrew, Halstead 1813-1851   1813-1851   1564-1975 1604-1989 Completed Yes
Halstead with Greenstead Green Quaker, Halstead     N/A Volunteer required
Harlow St Mary and St Hugh 1629-1961   1629-1936   1033-1956 1190-2010 Completed Yes
Harlow St John the Baptist   1860-1901   1841-1876 1800-1957 Buy CD Yes
Harlow Fore Street Baptist Chapel, Harlow     N/A 1860-1930 Buy CD Yes
Harlow Foster St Burial Ground, North Weald Bassett     1812-1955 1741-1977 Buy CD Yes
Harlow Potter Street Baptist Chapel     1786-1935 1776-1932 Buy CD Yes
Harlow St Mary Magdalene 1834-1957     1834-1953 1835-2013 Completed Yes
Harlow All Saints Mission Church, Foster Street 1880-1961     N/A Volunteer required Yes
Harwich St Nicholas 1813-1851 Buy CD 1813-1851 Buy CD 1559-1938 Volunteer required Yes
Hatfield Broad Oak and Hatfield Heath Holy Trinity ~ Hatfield Heath     N/A 1914-1944 Volunteer required Yes
Hatfield Broad Oak and Hatfield Heath St.John the Evangelist ~ Bush End     1861-2011 1914-1914 Volunteer required Yes
Hatfield Broad Oak and Hatfield Heath St.Mary the Virgin ~ Hatfield Broad Oak     1655-1994 1914-1945 Volunteer required Yes
Hatfield Peverel Burial Ground     N/A 1954-1999 Completed Yes
Hatfield Peverel St Andrew     1626-1926 1572-1992 Completed Yes
Havering atte Bower St.John the Evangelist     N/A 1914-1914 Volunteer required Yes
Hawkwell St Mary     1695-1812 Volunteer required Yes
Hazeleigh St Nicholas     1584-1812 Volunteer required Yes
Hazeleigh Lodge Road Graveyard     N/A 1759-2001 Buy CD Yes
Helions Bumpstead St Andrew     1558-1937 Volunteer required Yes
Hempstead Saint Andrew     1813-1999 Volunteer required Yes
Henham St.Mary the Virgin     1539-1878 Volunteer required Yes
Heybridge St Andrew     1813-1913 1617-1999 Buy CD Yes
High Easter St Mary the Virgin 1813-1851     1654-1857 1728-1998 Buy CD Yes
High Easter Congregational Church     N/A ?-? Completed Yes
High Easter Village Centre     N/A 1914-1945 Buy CD Yes
High Laver All Saints     1593-1905 1593-1905 Completed Yes
High Ongar St Mary the Virgin     1538-1951 Recording Yes

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