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    Period Covered Buy CD Period Covered Buy CD Period Covered Period Covered Buy CD Photo [?]
Stanford le Hope St Margaret 1813-1851     1680-1982 Volunteer required Yes
Stanford Rivers St Margaret     1538-1993 1492-2008 Completed Yes
Stanford Rivers Congregational Chapel Ground N/A   N/A   N/A 1830-2000 Completed
Stansted Mountfitchet St Mary the Virgin     1558-1929 1914-1945 Processing Yes
Stansted Mountfitchet St John the Evangelist     1914-1945 Volunteer required Yes
Stanway St Albright     1704-1956 Processing Yes
Stapleford Abbotts St Mary the Virgin     1653-1898 Volunteer required Yes
Stapleford Tawney St Mary the Virgin     1558-1979 1491-2008 Completed Yes
Stebbing Village Green N/A   N/A   N/A 1914-1945 Completed Yes
Stebbing St Mary the Virgin 1813-1851     1712-1927 Volunteer required Yes
Steeple Congregational Chapel     1863-1998 Buy CD Yes
Steeple St Laurence & All Saints & Old Burial Ground 1813-1851     1663-1894 1759-2000 Buy CD Yes
Steeple Bumpstead St Mary the Virgin     1689-1970 Volunteer required Yes
Steeple Bumpstead Village Green N/A   N/A   N/A 1914-1945 Buy CD Yes
Stifford St Mary the Virgin 1813-1851     1572-1933 Volunteer required Yes
Stisted All Saints 1813-1851     1538-1988 Volunteer required Yes
Stock All Saints 1813-1851     1563-1993 1574-1997 Buy CD Yes
Stock Christ Church     1813-1983 Buy CD Yes
Stock Our Lady of Mount Carmel     1892-1997 Buy CD Yes
Stock The Common The Common Buy CD Buy CD N/A Buy CD
Stock Mill Lane Congregational Chapel     1859-1865 Completed
Stock High Street N/A   N/A   N/A 1914-1945 Completed
Stondon Massey St Peter & St Paul     1717-1984 1570-1995 Buy CD Yes
Stow Maries St Mary & St Margaret 1813-1851     1559-1992 1602-2004 Buy CD Yes
Stow Maries Smythe Hall N/A   N/A   N/A 0 Completed
Strethall St Mary the Virgin     1746-1970 1508-1989 Completed Yes
Sturmer St Mary     1733-1965 1620-2008 Buy CD Yes
Sturmer The Street N/A   N/A   N/A 1914-2001 Completed
Sutton All Saints     1741-1993 1371-1996 Buy CD Yes
Takeley Holy Trinity     1663-1989 1632-2004 Completed Yes
Tendring St Edmund King and Martyr 1813-1851     1562-2014 1615-2001 Completed Yes
Terling All Saints     1538-1956 1558-1987 Completed Yes
Terling United Reformed Church     1774-1952 Completed Yes
Terling Cemetery N/A   N/A   N/A 1933-1990 Completed Yes
Thaxted St John the Baptist; Our Lady & St Lawrence     1538-1858 1914-1945 Volunteer required Yes
Theydon Bois St Mary 1717-1812     1719-1933 1914-1945 Volunteer required Yes
Theydon Garnon All Saints 1779-1920     1558-2000 1735-1994 Buy CD Yes
Theydon Mount St Michael     1564-1963 1577-2009 Completed Yes
Thorpe-le-Soken St Michael 1813-1851 Buy CD 1813-1851 Buy CD 1682-1887 Volunteer required Yes
Thorrington Thorrington Methodist Church     Processing Yes
Thorrington St Mary Magdalene 1813-1851 Buy CD 1813-1851 Buy CD 1558-1943 Processing Yes
Thundersley Daws Heath Thundersley Evangelical     1884-1991 Buy CD Yes
Thundersley St Peter 1813-1851   1813-1851   1569-1906 Volunteer required Yes
Tilbury juxta Clare St Margaret     1561-1990 1685-1990 Buy CD Yes
Tillingham Baptist     1866-1913 Buy CD Yes
Tillingham St Nicholas 1813-1851     1561-1997 Volunteer required Yes
Tilty St Mary the Virgin     1725-1981 Volunteer required Yes
Tiptree and Tolleshunt Knights United Reform Church ~Tiptree     1810-1996 Completed Yes
Tiptree and Tolleshunt Knights St Luke ~ Tiptree     1859-1958 1859-2006 Completed Yes
Tiptree and Tolleshunt Knights All Saints ~ Tolleshunt Knights     1695-1963 1757-1952 Buy CD Yes

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