10th April 2021

The A to Z of Easter
by Eric Probert

Eric gave us an interesting talk ranging from folklore, history, customs and events over the Easter period. He went through them alphaberically some of which were cards old and new eg, e-cards, the biggest egg ever made, egg rolling and Easter egg hunts.

Customs such as 'a race carrying 1cwt sack of coal for about a mile' and 'the Britannia Coconut Clog Dancers of Lancashire'. Other things included parsley planting only on Good Friday, Simnel cakes, Maundy money and the village called Knock where they saw an apparition at Easter. We even had some music in there as well.

A lot of research has gone into this talk, it certainly ranged far and wide.

Pauline Adlem

13th March 2021

More Discoveries from Roman Colchester
by Patrick Denney

This talk by Patrick Denney was a continuation of the talk he gave us recently. He began by telling us about the roman theatre, this would have been near to the temple, which is now the site of the castle. Patrick then told us about the foundations of the theatre, some of which can still be seen near St Helen’s Chapel.

He went on to tell us in detail about the Roman burials. One of the sites is beside the new police station and this is outside the town wall as no one could be buried within the walls. We were shown pictures of the graves and the artefacts that had been found in them. Some of these are in the Castle Museum.

There has been a lot of archaeology over the years especially on the circus. The circus centre is very interesting and informative and well worth a visit, some of us from the Colchester group did go there as our summer meeting a while ago.

There was also a big dig at Stanway in the late 1990’s and it was at this dig that they found a Roman board game laid out ready to play. This grave also had surgical instruments, it became known as the Doctor’s grave. It was necessary to send the dead with food drink and things that meant a lot to them so they would have them in the after world.

Thank you Patrick for another very interesting talk.

Gill Peregrine

13th February 2021

ESFH Workshop and Open Day

This workshop/Open Day involved the whole society not just Colchester but it was in our slot. We were using Slack and had many different family history subjects that people could ask questions about. We had a steady stream of questions throughout the day and it was very successfully. Something that we are definitely going to have again.

Pauline Adlem

9th January 2021

Using Family Historian to record your Family History
by Trevor Rix

Trevor's workshop on Family Historian was very useful and informative. He took us through the basics from starting from scratch and entering your family information from the beginning and showing us how the programme works. He also explained the various steps that you have to go through and how you can customize things to suit yourself.

To avoid having to start from scratch if you have another system you already use you can use Gedcom to transfer all your data onto Family Historian.

As it is a British company it is easier to get help through using their members forum and in the programme itself. Trevor went onto explain how the new version 7 have updated some of their functions.

There is another workshop in May covering topics not discussed here. You can also see this talk via the website.

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