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Each of our Branches has a volunteer contact (click on "Contact Us" at the top of the page) who is able to provide help and information to members by e-mail regarding the area covered by that Branch.

Our Chelmsford HQ covers the Central area of the County and the contact for these enquiries is Mrs Meryl Rawlings.

General Family History interest meetings are held in the Galleywood Heritage Centre on Galleywood Common, Margaretting Road, Chelmsford normally on the third Saturday each month, excepting August. These afternoon meetings commence at 2.00pm.

Tutorials/Technology talks, particularly aimed at beginners, are also held from 10.30am at the Centre on the same day. Topics will alternate between technology-based talks and general interest talks to aid those newer to family history research.

From time to time short talks/presentations of interest to members will be given starting at 12.45pm approx.

The Galleywood Centre is open from 10.00am and the first of our meetings begins at 10.30am. Refreshments are available at all times between talks. There is free parking at the Centre and an overflow area on the Common itself. A stall with the full range of CDs published by the Society is available as well as a Help and Information desk to assist you with your research.

The programme of meetings is as follows

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15th September 2018
  • 10.30am Morning session:   London Metropolitan Archives
    by Louise Harrison
  • 1.30pm Intermediate session:   AGM - followed by ...

  • 2.30pm Afternoon session:   Poverty, Protest and Riot - Essex Farm Workers 1800 to 1870        - the second talk will take place in 2019 and take the story to the Great War
    by Ted Woodgate
20th October 2018
  • All day:       Essex Society for Family History Open Day - All are welcome!
    See our Events Page for full details of the programme and Exhibitors.
17th November 2018
  • 10.30am Morning session:   Essex in London - Ancestral Research in parts of Essex now within London Boroughs
    by Eric Probert

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:  Hylands House in the Great War - World War One was a busy time at Hylands, owned at the time by Sir Daniel Gooch, - on Thursday 14th August 1914 Hylands Military Hospital opened and on Friday 11th April 1918 it closed. During this time about 1500 soldiers were treated there, and we have the stories of a few of them. There were also reviews of local troops in the park by both the King and Lord Kitchener.
    by Linda Knock
15th December 2018
  • 10.30am Morning session:  Its 1918 and Women Have the Vote
    by Helen Matton

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:  Seasonal Customs and Traditions in Essex
    by Mark Lewis
19th January 2019
  • 10.30am Morning session:  Family History Question Time with our own Team of Experts
    by our Experts

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:  Recognition and citizenship - but little advance - Essex Farm Workers 1870-1914
    by Ted Woodgate
16th February 2019
  • 10.30am Morning session:  Quality Perfect, Prices Lower - a history of Sainsbury's
    by Allison Foster

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:  Fighting the Authorities and the 60's Social Revolution
    by Alan Goldsmith (of Mountfitchet Castle)
16th March 2019
  • 10.30am Morning session:  The British in India
    by Peter Bailey, President, Families in British India Society

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:  Changing Face of Basildon over Last 150 years - (Plotlands)
    by Ken Porter
20th April 2019
  • 10.30am Morning session:  Essex Ancestors (SEAX) - the Essex Records Office Website by Ian Boreham

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:  London Peculiar - a look at some unusual features of the Capital that often go unnoticed. Including fake houses, vanishing street art, recycled war surplus and the German ambassador's dog amongst many others.
    by Charlie Mead
18th May 2019
  • 10.30am Morning session:  Using Jewish Records for Non-Jewish Genealogy
    by Jeanette Rosenberg

15th June 2019
  • 10.30am Morning session:  Bishopsgate Institute and its Collections
    by Stefan Dickers

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:  TBA
    by TBA
20th July 2019
  • 10.30am Morning session:  Young Criminal Lives: Using Family History Methods to Trace Life Courses and Life Chances from 1850
    by Pamela Cox
21st September 2019
  • 10.30am Morning session:  T B A
    by T B A
  • 1.30pm Intermediate session:   AGM - followed by ...

  • 2.30pm Afternoon session:  The 18th Century Members of the Petre Family
    by Lord Petre
19th October 2019
  • 10.30am Morning session:  Sun Life Insurance Records for the Family Historian
    by Jeanette Rosenberg

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:  TBA
    by TBA
16th November 2019
  • 10.30am Morning session:  Understanding British Campaign Medals and Their Role in Family History Research
    by John Sly
14th December 2019
  • 10.30am Morning session:  TBA
    by TBA

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:  An eccentric look at the Country - this talk gives a unique & entertaining look at goings on in rural England.
    by Charlie Haylock

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