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Each of our Branches has a volunteer contact (click on "Contact Us" at the top of the page) who is able to provide help and information to members by e-mail regarding the area covered by that Branch.

Our Chelmsford HQ covers the Central area of the County and the contact for these enquiries is Mrs Meryl Rawlings.

General Family History interest meetings are held in the Galleywood Heritage Centre on Galleywood Common, Margaretting Road, Chelmsford normally on the third Saturday each month, excepting August. These afternoon meetings commence at 2.00pm.

Tutorials/Technology talks, particularly aimed at beginners, are also held from 10.30am at the Centre on the same day. Topics will alternate between technology-based talks and general interest talks to aid those newer to family history research.

From time to time short talks/presentations of interest to members will be given starting at 12.45pm approx.

The Galleywood Centre is open from 10.00am and the first of our meetings begins at 10.30am. Refreshments are available at all times between talks. There is free parking at the Centre and an overflow area on the Common itself. A stall with the full range of CDs published by the Society is available as well as a Help and Information desk to assist you with your research.

The programme of meetings is as follows

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21st October 2017
  • 10.30am Morning session:   Land assessments
    by Eric Probert
  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:   The Dengie Coal Miners - ln the 1870s, agents of the Agricultural Union were active throughout Essex encouraging farm workers to leave their employment and to head north to the coal fields or even further afield to Australia. The dual purpose was to force up wages in Essex and to give the migrants a better future. Their message was taken up by many labourers and their families in the Maldon district as they strove to improve their lives. The well attended open air meetings in our villages of the "Labourers' Agitation" were all reported in the press and later, 'the exodus of whole families seeking new horizons. This talk will reveal the events and stories leading up to their departure and with the help of the 1881 census, where they headed, in what numbers, and their new careers. The census also shows how many stuck with the new life and how many returned to Essex to take up their old agricultural lives.
    by Kevin Bruce
18th November 2017
  • 10.30am Morning session:   GedCom Decoded
    by Charlie Mead
  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:   Essex Churches Then & Now
    by Andrew Smith
16th December 2017
  • 10.30am Morning session:   Family History Question & Answer Section - Let our team of Experts attempt to bring down your brickwalls

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:   Christmas on the Home Front - 1939-1945
    by Mike Brown
20th January 2018
  • 10.30am Morning session:   Tracing the Female Line
    by Helen Matten

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:   The Early History of Tudor Education in Essex - as seen through the Free Grammar School of Essex now known as King Edward VI Grammar School
    by Tony Tuckwell
17th February 2018
  • 10.30am Morning session:   Changing Your Family History Program - the problems you may experience and how to rectify them.
    by Andrew Britter

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:   Darling Daisy - The Countess of Warwick, the mistress of Easton Lodge, just outside Dunmow in Essex, was a remarkable woman. A member of the aristocracy, heiress and landowner, socialite, royal mistress, philanthropist and Socialist reformer, she fulfilled many roles during her life and encountered triumph, tragedy and ridicule.
    by Margaret Mills
17th March 2018
  • 10.30am Morning session:   The Lloyd George Domesday Survey (Valuation Survey) of 1910-1915 - Officially known as the Valuation Survey, it was nicknamed after the Chancellor of the time. Discover where to find records and how to use this as a genealogical and local history tool.
    by Gill Blanchard

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session: Tracing Your House History - Discover the main resources to trace the history of your own home. Find out which documents can be used to build a picture of what homes looked like in the past inside and out. Discover how to find out who lived in a building at different points in time and when, how and why it was built.
    by Gill Blanchard
21st April 2018
  • 10.30am Morning session:   The ESFH Website and SEAX explained
    by Ian Boreham

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:   The First Blitz - from the outset of World War I the Germans worked on plans to destroy the heart of the British Empire in a firestorm delivered from the air. Beginning with the first Zeppelin airship raids of 1915 to the Gotha and Giant bombers that followed. This talk explores the effect on London, the civilian population and the legacy that remains visible to the present day.
    by Charlie Mead
19th May 2018
  • 10.30am Morning session:   Lost Cousins
    by Peter Calver

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:   A History of Surnames
    by Charlie Haylock
16th June 2018
  • 10.30am Morning session:   To Be Arranged
    by ?

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:   A History of Crittalls
    by Natalie Banks
21st July 2018
  • 10.30am Morning session:   Making the Most of a computer for Family History
    by by Eric Probert

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session:   Wind and Water - a brief history of milling
    by Peter Jones
17th November 2018
  • 10.30am Morning session:   To Be Arranged
    by ?

  • 2.00pm Afternoon session: Hylands House in the Great War - World War One was a busy time at Hylands, owned at the time by Sir Daniel Gooch, - on Thursday 14th August 1914 Hylands Military Hospital opened and on Friday 11th April 1918 it closed. During this time about 1500 soldiers were treated there, and we have the stories of a few of them. There were also reviews of local troops in the park by both the King and Lord Kitchener.
    by Linda Knock

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