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Our Research Team will be pleased to help you with your search problems.

The team is led by Mrs Shirley Harman.

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This is a new on-line service which enables customers to select the search required and pay on-line by credit or debit card. The results of all on-line search requests will be sent to the e-mail address which you provide. Please order the services required in our on-line shop.

Customers still wishing to pay by sterling cheque and receive their search results by post should send an e-mail giving FULL details of their requirements to  Mrs Shirley Harman (See "Contact US" at the top of this Page)  or write to The ESFH Research Centre, c/o The Essex Record Office, Wharf Road, Chelmsford Essex CM2 6YT when the necessary application form will be sent to you for completion

All enquiries for advice or problems concerning our Search and Courier Services should be sent by e-mail to Mrs Shirley Harman (see "Contact Us" at the top of this page)

or by post to
The ESFH Search Team, c/o The Essex Record Office, Wharf Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 6YT

Essex Burial Index
Whilst the Society participates in the compilation of the National Burials Index (NBI) we also have a separate Burial Database transcribed from Essex Burial Registers which covers the period 1537 to 2000. The Essex Burial database currently contains all the Essex entries on the National CD and many more records transcribed since the last issue of the NBI. The number of records on our database increases almost daily. Some of the data has yet to be checked but any search indicates the current status of an individual record. When these records are fully checked, they will be included in the subsequent NBI CDs. We operate a search service - click the Shop button at the top of the page then select “Essex Burial Index”.

Monumental Inscription Index
The Monumental Index Index index has been compiled by our members from the recording of the inscriptions from gravestones throughout Essex. It is held on a computer database from which we operate a Search service - click on the Shop button at the top of the page then select “Monumental Inscription Index”..

Essex Parish Registers
In an effort to help our members, particularly those who live some distance from Essex and are unable to use the Essex Record Office, the Research Team are pleased to offer a search service of parish registers that are available in the ERO - click the Shop button at the top of the page and then select “Essex Parish Registers”.

The current position of all churches included in both the Essex Burial Index and those in the Monumental Inscription Index is shown in our Church Records List (click on the tile on the right hand side of this page.

National index of Wills - post 1858
Our Research Team also offer a Search service of the National Index of Wills from 1858 to 1944 for a named person in a given year - click the Shop button at the top of the page and then select National Wills Index data.

General Register Office (GRO) Search of the Indexes of Births, Marriages and Deaths for England and Wales only
We hold the microfiche copies of the GRO indexes of Births 1837-2001, Marriages 1837-2001 and Deaths 1837-2001 in England and Wales and we provide a search service to trace the GRO reference of the event which you require. Click the Shop button at the top of the page and select “Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates”

General Register Office (GRO) Certificates of Births, Marriages and Deaths for England and Wales only
We also offer a courier service to obtain any certificate for England and Wales which you require. To order click the Shop button at the top of the page and then select “Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates”. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

ALL the following details must be supplied to use the Courier Service: Year/quarter/ surname/forename(s)/registration district/ volume number/page number. If any of these can't be supplied then you will need to use the search facility above.

Miscellaneous Indexes

We can search the following miscellaneous indexes. If you would like our Research Team to conduct a search of any of the Miscellaneous Indexes listed below, please send an e-mail to Mrs Shirley Harman (see "Contact Us" at the top of this page) specifying which Index you would like searched, supplying the name of the person and specifying which year(s) are to be searched. You will receive a reply detailing the cost of the search and the method of payment which is required.

British Consular Registers - BMD
Births and Deaths of British people in a foreign Country where a British Consulate is in operation.·
Marriage returns from foreign countries where the British Embassy hold a marriage warrant.

British High Commission Registers - BD
Births and Deaths of British people in a Commonwealth country where a British High Commission is in operation.
Marriages are not received by High commissions
Registers are only made AFTER the date of independence, i.e.. India from 1949. Jamaica from 1965. Kenya from 1965. For events that took place before Independence, you should consult the Civil Registration Authority of that country
There are certain countries where there is no provision for any form of British Consul or High Commission registers e.g.. Australia, New Zealand, . Falkland Islands, Canada, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

British Forces posted overseas. – BMD
Births, Marriages and Deaths relating to members of the British Armed Forces posted overseas.
These entries do not show a claim to British citizenship.
Events connected to the Armed forces in Northern Ireland are registered at the GRO, Belfast.

Regimental records – BMD
Birth and Baptism, 1761-1924
Marriage records for 1786-1924.

Ionian Islands – BMD
Civil and Regimental records from 1818-1864,

War Deaths - D
Entries do not show place of burial or next of kin.
Information on certificates issued are: Regiment, Army number, rank. Name, age at death, country of birth, place and cause of death.

Marine – BD
Births and Deaths on British registered ships.
British citizens on certain foreign registered ships.
No register is available for marriages at sea. Information is supplied by the Registry of Shipping and Seaman (RSS) Cardiff.

Civil Aircraft – BD
Births and Deaths on British registered aircraft. Information is supplied by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), London.

Hovercraft - BD
Births and Deaths of people which take place on British registered hovercraft. Information is supplied by the Registry of Shipping and Seaman (RSS), Cardiff.

Offshore Installation – D
Deaths which take place on British owned offshore installations.
Deaths which take place on lifeboats or other emergency survival craft belonging to offshore installations. Information is supplied to the RSS by the installation owner.

For the information of those researching overseas, The British Library holds..
Oriental and India Office Collection. • India and Pakistan, 1698-1948. • St. Helena, 1767-1835. • Sumatra, 1759-1825.
Malacca, Penang and Singapore, 1799-1829.
Macao and Canton, 1820-1833. *Kuwait, 1937-196 1. * Aden, 1840-1948.

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