How to join

Membership of the Society

The Society's subscription year runs from 1st April to 31st March. The annual subscription is due on or before 1st April each year and the rates are as follows:

Membership Category Fees Payable (Paper Magazine) Fees Payable (Electronic Magazine)

Single Member living in UK

£16.00 £8.00

Institutional Member

£18.00 £8.00

Single Member living outside UK

£25.00 £8.00

New members joining after the 1st January will be treated as paid until 31st March in the following year.

Members not having renewed their subscription by 1st May will be deemed to have resigned from membership and any surname interests of that member will automatically be removed from our website.

Payment of membership fees

By Credit or Debit card ~ On-line facilities are available to enable payments to be made through our on-line shop using a secure on-line link - Click on the button above and follow the links. Overseas members may also use this facility to make their payments.

By cheque ~ If you wish to pay your membership fees by cheque please send an e-mail to our membership secretary Miss A Turner via on "Contact Us" us at the top of any page on the web site. Miss Turner will send you a form for completion. Once completed return it to her together with your cheque. All payments made by cheque (check) must be in sterling, payable at a UK bank, in favour of the "Essex Society for Family Historyā€¯ and crossed.

By Cash ~ Cash must NOT be sent by post.


Changes of Postal or E-mail Address - These can be updated at anytime by logging into the Members only area and selecting Member Profile from the Members menu on the black bar at the top of any page.

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