The History of the Essex Society for Family History

Part 4 - The 2000’s

In July 2000 we opened the doors of our new Research Centre which is located in the new Essex Record Office building in Wharf Road, Chelmsford. The room provided microfiche viewers and computer facilities, our library was housed there and we also offered CDs for sale. We also operated from the Room our e-commerce activities and our search and courier services.

July was also when we held are final monthly meeting at Christ Church United Reformed Church, our home of 23 years.

September 2000 saw the Chelmsford meetings move to the Public Suite at the Essex Record Office.

During 2001 the Essex Family History Award, for a postgraduate student studying History at the University of Essex was made for the first time. A list of all the award winners over the years can be seen here.

2001 also saw the launch of the Essex Burials Database which was compiled as a result of the Society’s continuing work transcribing Burials for the National Burials Index.

"A Little of What You Fancy" was the title of the 3 day Conference hosted by the Society from 29-31 August 2003. The Venue was the University of Essex at Wivenhoe.

Later the same year Members Interests were added to the website allowing anyone to search the interests. It also meant members could add and edit their own interests.

The Society hosted another 3 day conference in 2008. This was titled "The Way We Were?" It also ran from 29-31 August and was again held at the University of Essex in Wivenhoe.

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