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The data published here was originally extracted from a booklet compiled by former ESFH member Adrian Stockton and issued to all members in paper format in 2002. We have now added the places in the original Gazetteer to the separate parishes shown on our Essex Parish Map and added Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates and Ordnamce Survey Grid references.

The purpose of the database has always been to help those with ancestors coming from within the bounds of 'Old Essex'. Like all databases it does not purport to cover the seemingly infinite number of place-names that could have been included, some names come with the long list of spelling variations that have been used over the centuries.

We define the Essex Society's territory as New Essex - the modern administrative county served by Essex County Council' together with the two separate Unitary Authorities of 'Southend Borough Council' and Thurrock Council'. The database also includes parts of Old Essex found to the East of the River Lee including the London Boroughs of Havering, Barking & Dagenham, Redbridge and Newham as well as various parishes and places that have now slipped over the borders into Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

The majority of place-names that are in the gazetteer can be found on modern maps but other names taken from historic maps.

Places were originally  located by giving a distance in miles and a compass direction from what is hoped is a better-known location in the County. Such information can only be a rough guide. 

Some names and places no longer exist. Many place-names have changed over time. In general, modern names have been indexed with any well known' alternatives included. OS Grid references and co-ordinates have been provided for those places no longer extant that are as near as we can ascertain to the actual location of the place within the parish.

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