Slack Instructions

Instructions for Slack

To join the event click this link:-

Step 1:

After opening the link, you will be see a web page asking you to enter your email address. If you have a google account you can use that to sign in.

Step 2:

After entering your email address, you will receive the below message on screen and will receive an email asking you to confirm your email. Click on the Confirm your email box in the email to proceed to the next step.

Hint: If you haven’t received the email try checking your junk folder

Step 3:

You now need to enter your details to create your account

Step 4

You’re now registered!

You’ll receive a welcome email and the webpage will ask if you want to download the app, or continue to use the browser.

Downloading the app will make it quicker and easier the next time you want to use it. If you want to do this, click the button that says Download Slack for Windows

Step 5:

The download will now begin and you’ll see this at the bottom of your screen

Step 6:

Open the file by either clicking Open file in the bottom of your screen, or open it via your Downloads folder.

Hint: Keep the web page open, you will need it come back to it later

Step 7:

The app will load and ask you to sign in, use the details you entered in Step 3 to sign in. You may not need to enter your password and instead may be emailed a code which you will need to enter when prompted

Step 8:

If the app does not automatically reopen click Open Slack at the top of the page to open the app

Step 9:

You should now automatically see the ESFH group and channels. The screen will look like this:-

Step 10:

Click a Channel in the purple area on the left, and type your question in the white area. A helper in that channel will see your question and reply.

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