Proposed Changes to Constitution

At the Annual General Meeting, in September 2019, questions were asked about the number of attendees required for a quorum at General Meetings and of the possibility of allowing absent voters to take part in elections.

The Executive Committee has considered these questions and have produced a revised Constitution, to be approved by the Annual General Meeting in September 2020. This will allow the votes of absent voters to be cast and allow variability in the quorum as the Society may develop.

The proposed revised Constitution is available for inspection here  and will also be in the journal. 

The question of proxy voting is dealt with in para 5(c) which allows absent members to instruct the Chairman of the meeting to cast their vote(s) provided that their instruction has been received in writing by the Secretary before the start of the meeting. To make proxy voting possible, 5(b) requires that nominations are posted on the website 28 days before the AGM.

This is a system that is in regular use by other Charities and by many Companies.

The question of the quorum is dealt with in para 6(c). Rather than the previous fixed number, the Executive Committee are empowered to define the quorum each year so that fluctuating membership and typical attendance numbers may be accommodated. Para 6(b) has also been rewritten to allow some flexibility in the number of members who may call an EGM.

Para 6(a) allows flexibility in the choice of date of the AGM. This does not imply that any change will be made, but does allow for the possibility in the future.

Para 3 reflects the change that the Federation of Family History Societies has recently made in its public identity.

The revised Constitution must be approved by the AGM in 2020, after which it will come into force.

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